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CEO of TheraTec

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Neil Honey
Dir. Strategic Partnerships
ECMO Advantage

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Nicole Althaus
Strategic Healthcare Product Leader & Fractional Market Consultant

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Larry Bridgesmith

Executive Advisor

I help providers manage the risks of Artificial Intelligence in order to optimally benefit from its value.

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Michael Licata

Chief Development Officer

I help businesses achieve hyper growth by developing and executing their commercial strategy including organizational structure, sales process and tools.

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Uana Coccoloni

Chief Marketing Officer

I am a brand builder and strategic marketer who helps companies meet their business goals and objectives.

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David Frederiksen

Board Member

From strategy to finance, I help providers figure out what’s next and how to get there.

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Amber Fencl

Digital Health Executive & Operational Transformation

Amber Fencl is a multi-industry executive, digital transformation leader, and trusted advisor with expertise in clinical operations, product development, quality assurance, healthcare technology, software development, risk mitigation, and change management. She has a proven track record challenging the status quo to create robust, advanced digital health and innovative engagement strategies to optimize patient experience, improve workflow, foster consumer loyalty, and drive revenue in competitive, highly regulated industries.

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Jennifer Young


I help early stage companies with GTM strategy from pre commercialization to scale up growth.

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David Vulcano

VP Clinical Research Compliance & Integrity

Board member and life science executive

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José Pedro Almeida

Chief AI Strategist | Healthcare

CEOs are trapped and don't know how to unlock the Data, Digital and AI potential of their companies. I'm a trusted Chief AI Officer for Large Companies' CEOs and boards on effectively designing and executing their Digital & AI transformation journeys for a large scale impact.

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Liam Woodard


Healthcare operations executive, value-based care expert, direct-to-employer bundle designer, healthcare technology platform CEO

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Walker Hale

VP of Global Sales

I help health tech founders create impactful and high growth GTM strategies that capitalize on their vision to solve healthcare's most challenging concepts.

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JC Muyl


I help digital health startups find their product market fit faster to extend their financial runway

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Komli-Kofi Atsina

Vice President of Clinical Products and Services

Physician executive with extensive experience in leading innovation at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Blends robust medical background with AI/ML expertise to deliver clinically informed solutions. Proven leader who empowers cross-functional teams of designers, product managers, engineers, researchers, and clinicians that create transformative platforms to enhance patient care delivery.

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Brandon Oliver

Founder, Managing Partner

I help healthcare businesses scale and transform technology enabled care delivery

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Michael Miserocchi

Vice President, Operations Support

Highly accomplished professional with expertise in supporting operations with expertise in identifying new revenue and cost savings opportunities, successful project execution and stakeholder collaboration.

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Omari Rigg

Healthcare Product & Growth Consultant

Early Employee at Oscar Health (IPO) & Founder of B2B SaaS (Acquired)

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Matt Cybulsky, PhD

Founder and Consultant

I guide teams with immersive support addressing strategic Digital Health initiatives supported by behavioral science.

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Caleb Dixon

SVP Innovation

Caleb is an accomplished and forward-thinking healthcare executive. He has extensive experience in innovation, operations management, software and services implementation, product and process improvement, organizational leadership, team development, analytics, and strategic planning. His experience ranges from early stage companies to large national healthcare delivery systems.

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Yael Harris

CEO, Laurel Health Advisors

Yael Harris, PhD, MHS is a national expert in telehealth policy with over 16 years of experience leading Federal efforts to spearhead the adoption and use of telehealth to advance access and improve quality of care for underserved and vulnerable patient populations.

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Jason Goldwater

President and Chief Operating Officer, Laurel Health Advisors

Jason C. Goldwater is currently the President and Chief Operating Officer for Laurel Health Advisors, LLC, a small-women owned health care consultancy focusing on health care innovation, health care quality measurement, and health equity.

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Bruce Brandes

President, Care.ai

Bruce Brandes has over 30 years of experience in executive management and entrepreneurial thought leadership to build early and growth stage technology-based businesses in the healthcare industry.

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Jomo Kenneth Starke

Expert Advisor, Citizen Health Strategies

Revolutionizing global healthcare so that every person receives the perfect care for them.

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Fred Kopplow

Vice President Payer, Provider and Health Plan Partnerships

Today I connect the digital dots for HealthCare ... helping Providers, Payers, Health Systems, and their partners understand the value of the newest versions of Digital healthcare from CRM Heath Clouds, Patient & Member Engagement, and Care management.

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Josh Scales

Founder & CEO at Uniti Health

Josh is currently the Founder & CEO of Uniti Health, a Health IT advisory firm focused on helping providers and organizations with developing digital and virtual health strategies.

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Nicole Althaus

VP, Product & GTM Innovation

After years of understanding the health care system from the payer, provider and patient point-of-view, I help digital health companies market and create innovative solutions that close gaps by creating compassionate, personalized experiences for consumers to better manage their health.

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Phil Gibbs

Founder and Principal, The Disruption Lab

Phil’s career has focuses on improvement and innovation, working and consulting with leading organizations in addition to founding multiple companies as an entrepreneur.

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Sam Lippolis

Telehealth Advisor & Trainer

Sam Lippolis is a telehealth expert and trainer for 12 years specializing in video visits, remote patient monitoring, eConsults and all aspects of virtual care. When she isn’t training groups of clinicians for organizations, she’s coaching one-on-one with providers to redesign their practice for a virtual-first model.

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Tony Hyk

CEO, TheraTec, Inc.

Strategic implementer with a knack for transforming data into action and results.

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Richard Sanders

VP Innovation

Richard is an experienced telemedicine physician services operations executive. He has developed and implemented numerous hospital based telemedicine services and presented to national audiences on the use of telemedicine in the inpatient setting.

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Dan D'Orazio

CEO, Sage Growth Partners

Dan's experience spans a cross-section of constituents including provider organizations (physician and hospital), health information technology vendors, trade groups, health plans, private-equity and financial firms.

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