The Story

We're bringing health, tech
and innovation together...

on a convenient and affordable digital platform
to transform the delivery of care globally.


Our Journey So Far


In an environment dominated by the pandemic, innovation firm The Disruption Lab and digital learning company ThinkThru set out to convert in-person learning for digital delivery.


The Disruption Lab and thinkThru experimented with features, technologies and a platform model that would conveniently deliver expertise and resourses to healthcare innovators.

2021 - 2022

Care Transformation Studio was incorporated and launched at ViVE2023 in Nashville, TN - a city with a 50 year tradition of healthcare innovation.


2024 and beyond...

No one person or enterprise can address all the challenges with our healthcare delivery system. It is complex, expensive, difficult to access, and focuses on illness rather than health.

While healthcare systems around the globe differ in many respects, they share challenges related to access, quality, and affordability. We can all learn from each other.

While the pandemic was tragic, a gift that it provided was recognition that innovation can be accelerated faster than any of us thought possible.

With this new reality, the resources supporting innovation pre-pandemic are not sufficient to support post-pandemic transformation. Attending in- person events and annual conferences to learn and connect is important—but not sufficient.

And AI, specifically generative AI, has reset expectations regarding
access to intelligence. The new standard is convenient, affordable, and fast—at the moment of need. This applies not only to artificial
intelligence but also human intelligence.

The pandemic experience and more recently the emergence of
generative AI have opened our eyes to possibilities that a short time ago were present only in science fiction. The goal of the Care
Transformation Studio is for healthcare leaders around the globe to
have frictionless access to expertise and intelligence required to make effective decisions and lead their organizations.

Participants in this new healthcare innovation studio will include clinicians, executives, consultants, providers, payers, employers, entrepreneurs, investors, and solution providers—the healthcare ecosystem.

The focus of the Studio in 2024 is convenient access to human intelligence in the form of brief consults with experts from around the globe. More extensive access will be available through interim and fractional engagements with the experts. There are featured experts and panels of
experts in focused areas starting with Value-Based Care, to be followed by AI and Virtual Nursing.

And we will begin working with global community partners to amplify their voices and the reach of their members. Together we have the opportunity to innovate healthcare faster than we ever thought possible.


Meet the Co-Founders

Phil Gibbs
CEO, Care Transformation Studio,
Principal, The Disruption Lab
Christel Alvarez
Co-Founder, Care Transformation Studio
CEO, Alvarez Search
Matt Tidwell
Co-Founder Care Transformation Studio,
CEO, ThinkThru

Our Advisors

Bruce Brandes
Christopher Northam
Circadian Health
Dan D'Orazio
Sage Growth Partners
Katie Smith Green
Associate Director, Marketing
Best Buy Health
Sachin Agrawal
Chief Executive Officer
Steve Ommen, MD
Cardiologist & Medical Director, Consumer Products & Platform Strategy, Center for Digital Health, Mayo Clinic

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