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SaRA Health
Care in the Home
Patient Engagement & Satisfaction
Patient Records & Interoperability

SaRA Health helps rehabilitation professionals bring more value to their patient’s visits. We help clinicians like PTs, OTs, MDs, and PDMs increase the value of their patient visits by improving patient adherence, decreasing disruptive communication, and increasing revenue per patient. ‍ We accomplish this through our SaRA platform that engages daily with patients via a daily check-in message with a 66% response rate that eliminates the need to give out personal contact information, helps patients document their recovery outside the clinic, and meets the engagement requirements to bill for the new Remote Therapeutic Monitoring CPT codes. ‍ On average, clinics are generating an extra $60-$120 per patient per month and anticipating this equating to a $5K-$10K revenue lift per clinician per year.

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