Amber B. Fencl is a digital transformation leader and trusted advisor with expertise in clinical operations, product development, quality assurance, healthcare technology, software development, risk mitigation, and change management. She has a proven track record creating robust operational strategies to optimize delivery, improving workflow, fostering consumer and employee loyalty, while applying a keen eye for fiduciary responsibilities to improve the bottom line. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, innovation and streamlined operating standards in collaboration with leadership and subject-matter experts, Fencl supports the delivery of high-quality products and services in competitive, highly regulated industries.

Most recently, she served as the digital health executive for a super-regional healthcare system where she led virtual care operations. Fencl leveraged advanced technologies to introduce game-changing digital health solutions across the care continuum, enabling the organization to continue delivering remarkable patient care and experience during a global pandemic while also ensuring increased access to care for all patients and community members. 

Notably, Fencl was responsible for telehealth operations delivering 24/7/365 direct patient care. She spearheaded transformative programs such as such as: Hospital-at-Home, virtual nursing, remote patient monitoring, virtual reality, chronic disease digital health platforms, conversational AI, digital search & scheduling, clinical application integration platforms, behavioral health AI-driven platforms, pharmacy drone delivery, eCommerce, patient engagement, and care team enablement.

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