Since the onset of Covid in the United States, I have participated and led many direct calls of Private Equity Companies, Investment Firms, Financial Advisory Companies, Health Systems, and Corporations. They all had one thing in common, trying to understand the Telehealth Landscape, integrate it into their digital ecosystem, and who to invest/partner with for the most significant Telehealth experience.

I've been providing a valuable perspective of how Digital Telehealth impacts Payers, Providers, and Patients since the early days of Blue Cross when I led the first pass of integrating Digital health & Telehealth into our health system six years ago. I had to Digitally transform this major Payer with its partner Providers, digital health partners and Health Systems. That experience is in high demand as all are trying to navigate this new health shift with Telemedicine. Pioneering Telehealth with the core Telemedicine leaders (Teledoc, Livongo, Omada Health, Amwell, Doc on Demand, MD Live, etc.) and preparing Blue Cross Blue Shield to provide the most robust digital platform to patients, payers, and providers nationally.

Key to my Blue Cross successful Digital platform and telehealth integration came from leading the implementation of an integrated digital communication platform at State Farm, streaming impactful communication and reporting between agents, the home office, and the insured.Telemedicine and its components/integrations will be adopted into Health Systems in more significant numbers in 2021. The constant need for a voice with long experience will remain in high demand as the US and world adopt Telemedicine and its Telehealth components integrations to become integral to consumers and their current Health System Payers and Providers.This understanding of a successful digital communications process came from various roles before the Blue Cross and State Farm projects.

You might be interested to know that I built the mobile US SMS platform that drove millions to adopt texting and came by the way of American Idol votes. The Key was building the SMS backbone and educating the viewer / US on how to use SMS. Just like what we need to do today with Telehealth.

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