• As a C-Suite Executive, JC scaled multiple digital health startups towards successful exits, including C3i, which he grew from 20 people in NYC to 1,500 employees globally. 
  • Today, JC advises early-stage digital health companies with their product strategy, including the integration of Generative AI features.
  • As a product strategist, clients leverage JC’s broad knowledge of multiple segments of healthcare to target more potential use cases for their digital health products. 
  • JC operates in Life Sciences, Payers, Employers, Providers, Labs, Clinical Trials, Behavioral Health, Diabetes, Patient Advocacy, Orphan Drugs, Med Devices,  etc.
  • As a fractional executive, JC brings hands-on experience managing multiple functions as a member of the C-Suite. His clients use this experience to scale their management team  at a fraction of the cost. 
  • On a personal level, JC is an active volunteer for mental and physical disability causes (Best Buddies, Paralyzed Veterans of America) and operates MyRareData, a non-profit that helps rare disease groups leverage digital health.
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