Phil’s career has focuses on improvement and innovation. He has both worked in and consulted with leading organizations as well as founded multiple companies as an entrepreneur.

He is the founding Principal of The Disruption Lab, an innovation and growth lab that equips executives to invent the future. The firm’s offerings have included a Global Executive Innovation Program studying innovation in some of the world’s most innovative cities, and a six-month Healthcare Innovation Academy, and eight-week Telehealth Academy. The Lab’s programs are designed to deepen participants’ understanding of the innovation process and reset thinking about possibilities.

The consulting firm he founded and led for over a decade, Executive Learning, Inc., was one of the country’s leading change agents focused on continual improvement, particularly in healthcare, working with healthcare organizations across the country including HCA and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

He has co-founded companies including E|SPACES and LifeFilez, and as a principal in early-stage investment firm Evergreen Investments and Management, he evaluated investment opportunities and served on boards of multiple portfolio companies, including Passport Health Communications.

Phil holds a doctorate from The Ohio State University where his interest in innovation began with his dissertation research focused on how organizations achieve both high productivity and high innovation.

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