Yael Harris, PhD, MHS is CEO of Laurel Health Advisors, a small, disadvantaged, woman-owned small business focused on reducing health disparities through the use of technology. ‍ Yael is a national expert in telehealth policy with over 16 years of experience leading Federal efforts to spearhead the use of telehealth to expand access and improve quality for underserved and vulnerable patient populations. In 2021, she presented on the cost-benefit of telehealth to Congress and the White House. While Director of the Health Information and Quality at the Health Resources and Services Administration, she led quality and access efforts across all safety net providers. ‍ Yael also launched and co-chaired the cross-federal telehealth workgroup which aligned telehealth activities across the government. Yael’s research has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of the American Medical Association and the Journal of Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved.

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